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The give away

Every cake need a pawty hat and candle! Of course you have to start out with the dog cake, that's a given.

Adding a hat is so festive, most dogs tolerate it and all dogs look adorable in it.

And yes the candle, we love to make birthday wishes. So why not a candle? You must make a wish. More dog treats perhaps? No more bath time? Or maybe a new fluffy bed?

Like most people I love a give away, like the toys that come with a happy meal for kids.

So right from the beginning of my dog cake business I wanted to include something. All birthday cakes included a pawty hat and candle for your dog.

But during the 2020 pandemic those small items were hard to find. It was just a simple balloon themed hat with a simple candle. Its one of those things you never think about....until you cant get it anymore. Millions of things were stuck at the ports in shipping containers not going anywhere. I know this isn't important on a grand scale, but to me it was. Its the whole package when you purchase a dog cake from me. The hat and the candle has been included in my dog cakes for 11 years!!!

I thought about discontinuing them until the world recovered but I didn't want to disappoint anyone. We already so much disappointment, sadness and heartbreak. And besides those pups look so darn cute in their pawty hats!

So I bought them where I could find them. Even friends picked up hats while they were doing their shopping because they knew I could use them.

Things have been getting better lately and I recently purchases a large case. So for now I still include that hat and candle, and hopeful until Dog Cakes for Dogs is around our pups will be celebrating with my give away.

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