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Dog Cake Retirement?

So where to start, or shall I say end?

I started this dog cake business late in life, so 12 years later I am getting older and a little tired of the hustle. When I started not many people were selling cakes for dogs so it was easier to work social media and advertise my unique dog cakes back then. Now there are a lot of dog cake businesses. I still have unique and beautiful cakes that no one else offers, but if these other cake companies have money to advertise or have mass production they can sell dog cakes for a cheaper price. I feel small business is on its way out.....

Its not that I don't love what I do because I do, but its all the other things that come along in a business. Buying supplies, baking, shipping everyday, promoting and concerning about all the other competition.

When I say I love what I do, I mean the artwork. That comes only AFTER I do the rest. I really don't like to bake but it is essential to a dog cake company. lol I like shopping but not for

boxes and supplies. More like clothing and concert tickets. :) But that's the fantasy of opening a business. You think that you are just going to do the part you love but there is so much more to it that and be your own boss. I am finding all of this more and more tiring and tedious.

So I haven't told anyone my thoughts on this, not friends or family. I thought I would write down my thought here to organize my future actions. I think maybe a semi retirement would suit me best so I can enjoy the city more and visit friends more. Its my compromise. So I will keep you the meantime, back to the grind and to designing a new dog cake today.

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