Oh my gosh!!! The cake is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much! You’re a genius!

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Tuna melts my heart

This Cocker Spaniel and her birthday cake.

I already have received the cake and it is amazing! Thank you so much. 

Roxy the Havanese and her dog cake.

Hi!! Yes she loved it so much as always!! We have been giving her a little piece each day and she is going crazy for it! Here are some pics from this year and one from last year.  Thanks again! 

This Yorkie celebrating her birthday.

Yes, it was great! The dogs loved your cake. Thanks again. 

A dog cake that looks like your dog.

OMG you are beyond talented! That was the most spectacular dog cake imaginable!! 

An australian shepherd and his birthday dog cake.

The cake was AMAZING! Tucker ate the whole thing!! I will definitely be leaving a review and recommending you to everyone!!! So great thanks!

bark mitzvah cake n scottie_edited.png

Thank you so much for making his birthday so special everybody love the cake️️️️

Linus the Westie and hie dog cupcake

I wanted to do something new and fun for my Linus. The detail on the cupcake was great and it really did resemble him! I couldn't have been more happy with the service and quality of the cupcake!

hand painted cake n joey_edited.jpg

What kind of cake do u get a 13 1/2 yr old pup that spent his 1st 9 yrs on a dog fighter's chain and the last 6 months fighting for his life? You get him the most BAD ASS CAKE that there EVER WAS!

Anna u exceeded EVERY expectation that I had, and made this day much more special. Thank u

Our yummy paw print dog cake.

Thank you for the cake Anna! Much appreciated!

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