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Gender Reveal DOG cakes!? YASSSSSSS!

I got a call from a customer a few years ago asking for a gender reveal DOG cake. I never made one before, this was my first. I thought it was for the reveal gender of her dog's puppy...what do I know. lol So I did the cake and sent it out.

A few months later, another call for a gender reveal DOG cake. This time I asked the woman some questions about this cake event that I never heard of before. I don't have kids but I have seen gender reveal cakes and know what those are but a reveal cake for a dog was different.

Turns out it is much more beautiful than I thought.

So for those of you that dont know, its to include the family dog in revealing the gender of the human baby on the way with a cake for the dog. The dog bites into the cake to reveal the gender color of the baby!

The design works the same way, someone like a family member or doctors office tells the baker the "gender color" and that icing color is placed inside the cake for the surprise reveal at the party when cut open. It's the same for the dog cake, only the dog eats their way through the cake until the gender color is revealed! To me that is so much better than setting off fireworks or releasing pink/blue balloons. Environmentally safe without any chance getting harmed.

Since then I have done's always an exciting time for the new parents and their fur baby gets to be the main attraction of the event! CONGRATS!!!!

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