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Just give me a BUZZ

Covid, NYC....whew what a shitshow....... I was working alone in a small commercial kitchen baking dog cakes. I was very busy. People were quarantined, alone and lonely. All the shelter dogs were being adopted, one of the best things to come out of 2020. Even though I was busy, I really didn't know how my business was going to play out. I thought I was going to lose it all. I was thinking of ways to pivot so that I can still have money coming in, but everything I thought of was absurd and ridiculous What to do???? I am really an artist and I am always looking for new ways to create. The idea didn't come out of nowhere, I actually thought about this a few years back. Why not? This is a good a time as any....cocktail cupcakes.

I googled and saw some bakeries offering cocktail cupcakes but those places are closed now because of the pandemic. How can I tie this into my dog cake company? People were asking if they can eat the cakes. So maybe I can market them as celebrating with your dog?? It was an odd coupling. Dog cakes and cocktail cupcakes. It made me, let's do it! For me a name will inspire me, I have to think of a name. It was originally, "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere, Everyone knows what that means. It was kinda long. I settled on BUZZZed cupcakes with 3 z's. Sounds silly but I liked what it looked like on paper. Turns out my very new business got hacked on Instagram and I had to change the name so I dropped a "z". BUZZed Cocktail Cupcakes , yup sound right....for all your drunkard occasions. YES, I really like it! So here I am, a new business. I am hoping for the best because they the cupcakes are yummy and I can ship them all U.S. because they're in a jar. Now I just need customers lol.... so give my cocktail cupcakes a try. Just give me a BUZZ .

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