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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

This month I have been in business 10 years. Its hard to believe.

When I started I had the idea of incorporating my art with cakes for dogs. There were and are many companies selling cakes but I had a few basic ideas for my dog cakes.

They had to be made fresh from scratch and sugar free,

and with no money to open a dog bakery, I had to ship them through the mail.

I started my research on dog friendly recipes and wanted to know who my competition was. It took a few months....I also needed to learn how to bake...that took a little longer ;P

If I can do this right and make enough to pay my bills I can quit my server job and make dog cakes for the rest of my life!! That would be awesome.

So I went every Sunday for about 6 weeks to a flea market in the city. I rented a table for $3 and a chair for $1 and sat there with my 3 dog cake dummy samples, some business cards and waited for the crowd to bombard me with questions and pre orders!