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Queen Gigi

I never actually met Gigi, but I met her Mom. She wanted to celebrate Gigi's quinceañera. Yes that's right 15 years old birthday for a cute little sassy Doxie.

She was having a photo shoot in the park and the dog cake had to be done in a particular way. Elegant, no dog bones, pastel colors. Gigi would be painted wearing a crown, like the Queen that she is.

This cake was the first of many to come. All under the creative direction of Mom Gretchen.

Gigi dancing on the mountain top in The Sound of Music....

Witchy Bitch....Bewitched style...

Gigi on pride rock as in The Lion King....

Two rival college mascots fighting over Gigi....

Gigi passed away December 21st 2021 at the amazing age of 18 3/4 years old.

Although I never had the privilege of meeting her I feel like I knew her. Rest in Peace sweet Queen Gigi.

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