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My Chocolate Labrador for President

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Gypsy was a perfect candidate for the presidency. She was strong, decisive and laser focused on the prize.  She grew up in the south in 1995. People were not convinced that a Chocolate Labrador could get the job done. So when she got older her pawrents decided to move up north to NYC. She had this dream to change the world ever since she was adopted at just 4 years old. Its here in the big city that she would get her degree in Puplitical Science and begin her career. She had many nay barkers but she knew in her heart she could make a change and get a treat to every pup every where.

The first thing she wanted to do once elected was to bring more dog cakes to every doggie. That would not be an easy task but she was ready for the challenge. For this she needed someone that was familiar with fureign and international relationships.  So it was at one of her play dates at the dog park that she met Miss Nellie Belly, a slim, small in statue soul who just happened to be a Chocolate Labrador like herself. They both had the same focus....cake, cake and more dog cake. Together they put their wet noses to the grindstone to come up with the best pawty plan. They have continued to make great walkies in the canine community and for all their efforts they were chosen to be furever immortalized on canvas with their own portraits ...on sneakers. After all, every President was bestowed this great honor.