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My Bittersweet Valentine

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

It was almost nine years ago to the day that I decided to go up north to see a condo for sale.

I wasn't in a good place then. Struggling financially, no luck in my personal life and just sinking deeper and deeper into depression. I thought if I changed the direction of my life in some way something had to change.

So I got on a train and headed for Beacon, N.Y. A town in transition back then. But I heard that the DIA museum moved up there which was associated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In my mind this is where the artists are gonna go.

So I took a look at the apartment and pictured me living in it, I was ready but I wasn't ready. I knew no one. AND I don't drive so I had to check out the Main Street (which by the way is called Main Street) to see if it had everything I needed. My plan going into town was to walk into the first business that was open...turns out it was a dog bakery. (I know you know what's coming). The woman who owned it was helpful and answered all my questions, in fact I left there with this great idea of doing dog cakes that looked like dogs!! I was motivated. But what to do about the apt...well I bought it just in case.

I rented it for the whole nine years and never did live there, just visiting twice a year. Needless to say my life did change in many ways. So now is the time to let go....

This Valentine's day I will be closing on that apt. I am sad because I love it there but know in reality it wasn't my time to be there. I will always wonder what if that dog bakery was closed and I walked into another store like a dry cleaner? lol

When one thing changes, life changes....good bye Beacon. You will always be my Valentine.

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