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Its a Dog Eat Dog Cake World

You know what they say, all press is good press.

So I was doing some SEO work on my site and doing research online when I came across a few sites that reviewed my dog cake company. Its always a pleasant surprise when this happens. I had no idea that they were written and its always nice to see kind words about your company. When you work hard its nice to know someone is paying attention.

So I wanted to share one of them with you. I am proud to say I was listed as one of the top 7 dog cake companies in NYC! That is quite the accomplishment! It was one of my goals when I started my cake company. So of course I promptly added that to the home page of my site. I think people like the idea that they are purchasing a great dog cake in the greatest city in the world! So here it is and thank you for supporting a small business and congrats to all the other dog cake bakeries. Forever grateful.

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