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Having your cake and eating it too...

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

February 23, 2020

Josie was in a rock may have heard of them. She was the original lead vocalist. Her bandmates in time pushed her out of the group. Not because she didn't have a great voice but because she was getting old and they were looking for a more youthful look for their "brand". She was abandoned by the very people she loved. An unbelievable disloyalty. It hit Josie hard. A downward spiral followed and eventually she found herself in a shelter. One day a woman named Dawn who was a baker came into help out. She would bring in dog treats and cookies for all the residents once a week. She asked about Josie...."How long has she been in here"? One hundred seventeen days! Oh my....117 happens to be my lucky number!! Their eyes suddenly instant attraction. You can say love at first site. Josie found acceptance and Dawn found her soulmate. They left the shelter and celebrated with a BIG piece of cake together. That would be Josie's Gotcha Day. They lived happily ever after

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