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Everything Comes Full Circle in Life.

There are many many doggie day care places in NYC. One of those is Camp Canine on the upper West side. They have been around longer than I have, over 10 years.

They contacted me for the first time early in my dog cake career. They were celebrating a 15 year old chihuahua's birthday and asked me to make a cake. They placed another dog cake order a few years late for a Pekingese becoming 5 years old and sent me this cute photo.

They have always been very kind and I always appreciate business that comes my way.

When I started my business, I gave my card to every pet shop, veterinarian's office, dog groomer and yes doggie daycare center that would display them.

I gave them to people on the street while they were walking their dog, but realized it would be more productive to share a sample.

So I ordered a banner that said Dog Cake for Dogs, hung it on the fence of every dog park in the city and gave my card out with a sample of my dog cake. I would go out every weekend, choose different dog parks to promote my cakes and hoped for orders. I guess it worked because by that Fall I was getting busy.

Cheers Camp Canine and thank you for giving me some of my first dog cake orders! MWAH!


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