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And just like that.....BUZZZed cocktail cupcakes

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

As an artist, at least for me, there often seems to be a challenge. I love what I do but need to change it up so that it makes the process different and interesting. I don't want it to feel like I can't wait to finish my project. I want to enjoy the process.

So in 2020, when everything seemed so surreal and uncertain, I thought it was a good time to try an idea that I had for a year or two, cocktail cupcakes. It wasn't necessarily artistic but it was a creative enough distraction to the world around me.

People were home for months and because they were quarantined alone they were adopting dogs. And because of that, I got VERY busy baking dog cakes. During that time a few people asked about "human" cakes and if I would consider making any. So that's what I did.

They had to be yummy with a twist to the average cupcake and be able to deliver safely.

So after doing a little research I ordered some cupcakes in a jar (not infused cupcakes) from a well know company. It took 5 days to arrive in the heat of the summer. When I got them I tasted it right away. The inside of the cap was messy with icing all over it. They were at best average. I knew I can do better.

Adding alcohol to infuse the cupcakes made it fun, it was always the plan and so I started the painful process of baking and tasting recipes for different cocktail cupcake. WINK WINK

I now have 8 flavors and each jar is topped with a cookie appropriate for the flavor of the cocktail cupcake so that when you open the icing doesn't touch the top of the cover.

It's just the beginning, but everyday is a new beginning. Who cares when you start as long as you start. And just like that....BUZZZed cocktail cupcakes.

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