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My Fav Holiday

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

So when I was a kid Christmas was THE holiday. What's there not to like? Days off from school. Fun activities. And gifts, LOTS of gifts! I would say it is still THE holiday for most, but for me I loved Halloween. I mean I loved Halloween before Halloween was a "thing" with everyone. I would plan the event , make a cool costume and then drag my friends there. It would be a nightclub or maybe a murder mystery night at a restaurant. One time even making it to the Village Halloween parade!

When I started my dog cake business a few years ago, I noticed that the dogs LOVED Halloween as well!!! Lots of dog custom events and dog parades. I don't know if there is some type of correlation between the two but it made Halloween even better...if that was even possible!!

Every year I have been in business I make it down to the Halloween dog parade to rival ALL Halloween dog parades...Tompkins Square Park NYC. Hundreds of dogs and their handlers in the most creative costumes imaginable. So I would bake about 50-100 mini dog cakes that included my business card and give them out complimentary. Take lots of pics of dogs and enjoy the pawty!

Even if no one called for a birthday dog cake after passing out the goods, its always worth the trip because it's so much fun. It's always eventful and it does attract dog cake business. What dog would pass up a dog cake???? I just love it. Two of my fav things, dogs and Halloween.

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