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Cowardly and Sadistic Dog Abusers

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

So my friends kitchen window looks out onto his neighbor's back yard who has a "dog training" company. He was washing some dishes one afternoon when he heard 3 yelp sounds in a row. He was already looking out the window and this is what he saw. The owner/mom went into the house and left her trainer/son alone in the yard with 2 dogs.

Their German Shepard who has fear aggression issues and another dog which I assumed was a clients dog. He couldn't see the 2 dogs because they were up against the fence but he could hear the yelps. The "trainer" who he could see because he was standing in the middle of the yard kept yelling commands to the dogs but neither dog responded.

My friend said he was confused because the 3 yelps didn't sound like a dog fight between the dogs but more of a cry in pain and the "trainer" was standing far from them. He then noticed the trainer had a clicking device in his hand holding it along side his body which he clicked a number of times. OMG! He realized that at least one of those dogs had an electronic shock collar on. Now these collars are not illegal and I don't believe in inflicting any pain or negative training but there was no doubt in my mind he was abusing the dogs by clicking the remote repeatedly. Yelping is never a good sound to hear.

The German Shepherd came into his view running under the picnic table cowering. He walked over calling the dog's name at least twice, the dog was terrified. He said he quickly grabbed something off the table which looked similar in shape to a 2 liter bottle of soda. He raised it like he was pitching in a baseball game throwing it with all his might at the dog... and missed. Now he said he was sheathing because the dog ran and he missed...he grabbed the object again and went after the dog. At that point my friend slammed open his window and the sound stopped him dead in his tracks. My friend could see that he was trying to control his anger because after all he was not able to complete his violent attack on this dog because he was now being watched. He started pacing back and forth where he stood.

His back was towards my friends window and within a few seconds he turned around and faced his window and said "CAN I HELP YOU WITH SOMETHING"?? My friend said nothing just looking at him stoically. He was relieved that he stopped him but was this happening inside the house where they own 2 other dogs besides a customer trusting their beloved dog in their care?

He had no choice and called to report the incident. He told me he spoke to a dispatcher who was very sympathetic to his call and said his complaint would be turned over to an officer. He had been shaking for about 30 mins at this point and couldn't believe that there is such scum in this world. No warning for them, my friend is a huge animal lover and will go as far as he can go to help any animal in distress. Training a dog should NEVER hurt.

He told me the investigation will happen within the next few be continued .....

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