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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

So about 6 or 7 years ago I was just tired of the rat race. Spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast. I decided I needed a change. A shake of the checker board. I was going to sell my house, quit my job and start a brand new life somewhere else.

I choose a town an hour away from NYC along the Hudson and took the train up to look at a condo. After I saw the apt. I thought I would walk around the town, maybe go into a store or two and find out what the area was all about. A few blocks onto the Main Street I went into the first merchant that was open...a "barkery", a dog cake bakery. I walked in and passed 2 large glass bakery display cases with dog treats. The rest of the store had the usual pet food, leashes, toys etc. No customers.

The owner stood behind the counter and I introduced myself telling her I was thinking about moving to this town. We chatted about 45 minutes and during that time I kept looking at what looked like a small cake on the bottom shelf. So after we finished talking I said, "what is that"? She said, a birthday cake. For a dog?! Yes, she said. I thought to myself "a birthday cake for a dog" hummm.....interesting

It was my light bulb moment. I was already doing custom hand painted cookies for people. What about birthday dog cakes that were custom too? What about a dog cake that looks like your dog? What about a healthy version of a dog cake that was sugar and preservatives free? Would any one buy such dog cake? Was any one doing dog cakes like that? So many questions. I left there with motivation, new purpose. and a business idea.

One of my first dog cakes

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