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The celebration of your furry friends is a day to remember fur-ever! A beautifully hand painted portrait in the likeness of your two dogs right on one cake!

A choice or your cutest favorite photo of your pups and a beautifully hand painted cake of your dogs will be complete for your pawty!

Peanut butter/pumpkin. Sugar free. No preservatives.

             ***Please send a clear picture to***

If you want a lasting memory of your pup I am now offering an original color acrylic 5x7 drawing of your dog in a acid free silver mettalic mat placed in an acetate sleeve ready to be placed in your favorite frame! Last picture is an example of a dog drawing. 




6" Hand painted cake of 2 or 3 dogs

  • Flour, plain yogurt, canola oil, peanut butter, yogurt icing, milkbone dog biscuits and LOVE. 

    Cakes are fresh for 5-7 days. Just place in fridge in a plastic bag until your celebration. Take it out at least one hour before the pawty. Serve and enjoy! All cakes include a complimentary candle.

    Cakes are for pup consumption only.

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