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The gender reveal parties have been the latest and coolest way to tell family and friends the exciting news of a new baby.

What better way to reveal the baby's gender than the pup of the house biting into a yummy cake showing either a pink or blue icing....or maybe both! 

Gender reveal parties typically are open to men and women and now our DOGS! Unlike the traditionally all-female baby shower. So when you want to include you furry family member to share the blessed event at your gender reveal party this is the dog cake for you!!

A 4" or 6" cake with the "reveal" color icing inside. Girl color shown in second picture. Outside of cake is white with blue and pink trim and your choice of greeting.

Some suggerstions below or one of your own:

Brother or Sister?

Bowties or Bows, nobody knows

Pink or Blue, we love you

Blue and pink question marks

It's a....

Sugar free peanut butter cake. Yogurt icing. 





Gender reveal dog cake!