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Hello Friends, I am closing on Friday and Saturday throughout the summer. ALL order must be in no later than Wedneday @ 12 noon. Thank you


I'll be there for you......

We LOVE our dogs....they are really out best friends and they are always there for us. 

Thats why we are always there for them. 

If you dont want to send me your own graphic (as in second photo), you will get the assorted dog graphic in photo #1.

This photo image cake is only offered in 6". your choice of greeting and trim color.

F*R*I*E*N*D*S Dog Cake

Trim color
  • Flour, plain yogurt, canola oil, peanut butter/pumpkin, yogurt icing, milkbone dog biscuits and LOVE. 

    Cakes are fresh for 5-7 days. Just place in fridge in a plastic bag until your celebration. Take it out at least one hour before the pawty. Serve and enjoy! All cakes include a complimentary candle.

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