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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

This is a 4" or 6" ice cream cone dog cake. (Both cakes shown for size comparision in last photo)) 

NO ICE CREAM, ice cream "scoop" is made with cake designed to appear like ice cream.

Decorated with spinkles and dog bones. 

Your choice of ice cream color which will be the same color as trim.

Cakes includes birthday candle.

Ice Cream Cone Dog Cake

Choice of ice cream and trim color
  • Flour, plain yogurt, canola oil, peanut butter/pumpkin, yogurt icing, milkbone dog biscuits and LOVE. 

    Cakes are fresh for 5-7 days. Just place in fridge in a plastic bag until your celebration. Take it out at least one hour before the pawty. Serve and enjoy! All cakes include a complimentary candle.

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