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Grieving Abby Girl

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Abby girl

So I was delivering a dog cake on the upper east side about 2 weeks after my dog Abby passed away. It had been a really ruff 2 weeks. I knew that AAC (Animal Care and Control) was not too far from where I was going to be. I also knew I was fooling myself to think I would just "look" to see what dogs were up for adoption. And I also knew it was too soon....but I went anyway.

So when I get there the man at the desk points to a staircase that brings you to the doggie heaven right here on earth! I can hear lots of dogs barking and felt guilty about even thinking of adopting another pup when my girl was only gone 2 weeks.

I reached the top and was taken to a room with the smaller dogs. Every cage was full. Some barked, some were quite, all were terrified.

I choose a silken terrier about 4 yrs old just recently groomed and went for a walk, seemed like the perfectly trained dog. She went crazy when I returned and it turned out she was surrendered because of separation anxiety issues. They suggested I try and walk another dog. So I choose a Shih Tzu mix about 6 yrs old. Same thing happened and I wondered if this wasn't some kind of sign.

I decided one more time....a quite little 2 yrs old "Chiweenie" in the bottom cage patiently waiting her turn. Small and skittish, we went for a walk. She seemed like she could be the ONE.....Ten minutes later I was signing paperwork and paying an adoption fee.

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