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Frequently asked questions

Are dog cakes safe?

Yes, my dog cakes are made from human grade ingredients.

When I first started my dog cake business it took me a year yo do all my research. One of those things were dog safe sugar free recipes. I bought my icing from 3 different companies, but all were inferior. I finally decided that if I wanted a dog cake that was completely made from scratch I would have to make the icing myself....3 months later, with the help of a food chemist my icing was ready to go.

What are your dog cakes made of?

Flour, yogurt, canola oil, peanut butter, honey, egg, baking soda, LOVE

Simple ingredients make for healthier dog cakes. All cakes are made from scratch and the baking and design process takes time. All things worth having are worth the wait.

How much do the dog cakes cost?

My dog cakes start at $25 to $160

My dog cakes are priced reasonably and are based on how much time and labor goes into them. 

How long do your dog cakes stay fresh?

5-7 days

My dog cakes do not need to be refrigerated but will extend the freshness like with all food.

How long does it take to get a dog cake from you?

Generally 3-5 full business days which is from the east cost to west coast US. 

I cannot rush the process of time which is why the first 24 hours are needed.

What is, "made to order from scratch"?

All ingredients are mixed fresh for your dog cake including the icing.

When you place your cake order it goes on my schedule. A day before I ship I start your dog cake from "scratch" which means it does not come out of a store bought box. 

Can I ship with other carriers?

Right not I ship UPS Monday through Wednesday. USPS Thursday though Saturday. I am currently setting up a FEDex account as well, so if you would like a quote from another carrier you have to contact me.

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