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9 Delectable flavors! No alcohol too! Click onto order page & scroll down to add to cart

buzzed brandy

Brandy red velvet cake with orange rind and chocolate brandy buttercream. Topped with a chocolate orange cookie.

buzzed n irish cream

Irish cream and cookie cake with vanilla buttercream topped with an Oreo cookie

buzzed limoncello

Limoncello lemon cake with raspberry preserves and cream cheese buttercream. Topped with a chocolate raspberry cookie

buzzed coffee

Coffee liqueur chocolate cake with salted caramel and a cocoa buttercream icing. Topped with a coconut caramel cookie

buzzed fireball

Fireball cinnamon whiskey HOT chocolate cinnamon cake with cinnamon buttercream. topped with a snickerdoodle cookie.

buzzed bourbon brownies

Bourbon chocolate brownies with peanut butter buttercream topped with a chocolate marshmallow cookie.

s'mores cupcake in a jar

"NO BUZZ" S'mores Chocolate cake, graham crumbs, marshmallow buttercream. Chocolate square

buzzed spice rum cupcake

Spiced rum spice cake with toasted coconut and  orange buttercream. Topped with an orange chocolate cookie.

buzzed apple

Apple liqueur cinnamon cake with fresh apples with cinnamon buttercream.

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