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Three pet peeves

So I have 3 pet peeves...

One is double dipping anything.

Two is people who give up the family pet because they had a baby or someone is allergic or some other asinine excuse.

The third has to so with my business. Buying a fresh dog cake and having to wait for it to be made verses buying a cake from a store.

So when you forget your fur babies birthday why do you feel that's its better to buy the cake from a store merely because they have them available? They have them available because they are shelf stabilized. That means that in order to prolong the cakes shelf life, preservatives are added. If they didn't do that and they didn't sell they would be thrown out. These cakes could last up to a year on the shelf.

Your dog doesn't know its their birthday!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY? I can scream!!!

I see many times a day on Instagram and FB people celebrating their precious dog's birthday with these horrible cakes. It's like giving your kid a spam sandwich.

Listen, you love your fur baby and you are giving them garbage to eat so that they will not be mad at you for forgetting their birthday. Isn't that silly? Again ...YOUR DOG DOESN'T KNOW!

OK so now that I have vented and hopefully got your attention let me tell you what a fresh dog cake is. No it doesn't mean I open a box of Duncan Heine's add 3 eggs and oil and pop it in the oven. A REAL cake is made from scratch and what that means is that there are ingredients you can read like, flour, yogurt, canola oil. peanut butter, egg and honey. Yes that's right, the ingredients in my cakes. I use no sugar and no preservatives/additives. I make my own icing as well...yogurt based.

Believe me I didn't get into this business for the love of money, I got into it for the love of dogs. Being an artist and making them look beautiful was just a fortunate talent that I put to good use. I will never understand the logic behind....

RING RING Hello dog cakes for dogs, can I help you?

Yes its my dogs birthday today, can I get a cake???

Well your cake doesn't exist yet, that is a process if you want something fresh.

OK thank you, click. A call I get many times a week.

So the moral of the story is, I would love to make your dog a cake, but a fresh healthy beautiful cake takes time.

So now that you know give me the time and you won't regret it. I will thank you and your dog will thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

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